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is the first TV drama and series festival in Europe and the only one in Southeast Europe.

It was founded in May 2011 and since then it has being heldin a Belgrade Youth Center, as part of it’s official program on the second week of October.

Since the second year of its existence, FEDIS had a multinational identity where, in addition to TV series from Serbia, TV series from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are participating in the festival.

GOLDEN ANTENNA is the name of the award given at FEDIS festival and so far more than a hundred awards have been given to actors, screenwriters, directors of photography, costume designers, editors and composers from the TV series.

Every year, FEDIS Festival has a diverse ACCOMPANYING PROGRAM consisting of bingeing TV series from the region, premiere screenings of TV series episodes, marking anniversaries of legendary achievements, promoting books in the field of TV production, international forums on regional cooperation…

FEDIS Festival has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Telecommunications, the CITY SECRETARIAT FOR CULTURE OF THE CITY OF BELGRADE, SOKOJ, some city municipalities in Belgrade and many reputable institutions and individuals.


TV dramas and series premiered in previous TV season on some of the TV channels in Serbia have the right to participate in the official competition for awards.

The shortlist of shows that are competing for the GOLDEN ANTENNA awards is chosen by the FEDIS Festival Selector, who is chosen by the organizers every year.

The jury of FEDIS festival consists of 12 experts divided into:

  • PROFESSIONAL JURY - of seven members (actor, director, screenwriter, director of photography, costume designer, editor and music author)
  • EXPERT JURY of five members with president ahead of team which is mainly composed of actors, TV critics, professors of art faculties….

The GOLDEN ANTENNA Awards based on the opinion of the PROFFESIONAL AND EXPERT JURY are awarded in 13 categories:

For the best TV series of the previous TV season:

  • Best lead male role
  • Best female lead
  • Best supporting male role
  • Best supporting female role
  • Acting achievement of the year
  • Best director
  • Best scenario
  • Best photo
  • Best costume
  • Best editing
  • The best music
  • For the overall contribution to TV production in Serbia and the region

Audience awards are following:

  • GOLDEN ANTENNA Audience Award for the most watched TV series in Serbia (based on the official Nielsen ratings)
  • Company Award NEWS - GOLDEN ANTENNA for Acting Couple of the Year
  • GOLDEN ANTENNA Award for the most popular series from the region shown in Serbia (based on the votes of the audience on the portal


NENAD MILENKOVIĆ.(Founder and Directof of FEDIS Festival)
Profesor FILIP FETI DAUTOVIĆ(Chairman of organizing Council)
DEJAN DABIĆ(Creative Producer)
JOVANA RADOVANOVIĆ(Executive Producer)
JELENA RADONJIĆ(International Business Relationship Manager)
SLAVEN STANOJEVIĆ(monitoring i analitika)
IVAN MILENKOVIĆ(Video produkcija)
MARKO MILENKOVIĆ(logistička podrška)